Lopar or sandy paradise as the locals like to call it, is a place with most natural sand beaches on the Adriatic and countless intimate picturesque bays. The most famous beach is the Paradise beach, 1,5 km long with a variety of entertainment on land and the sea. There are various tourist facilities along the beach where the children and young people in particular can have fun. Lopar also has beaches for dogs, nudist beaches (Sahara, Gipsy and Stolac), but also many hidden coves for intimacy and privacy. In any case, one thing is certain – in Lopar you can surely find a beach you love, and the swimming in the crystal clear waters will remain forever in your memories!

In addition to beautiful beaches, Lopar also has a rich history and tradition. Traces of habitation on the island date back to prehistoric times, as evident by the findings and the ruins of artifacts in this region. For believers and art lovers, there are the St. Ivan Baptist parish church and Votive Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is mentioned in the 14th century. Apart from these two churches, there is the church of St. Nicholas, which was built on the remains of the former church that was built on the promontory Sorinj sailors as protective covenant sign with a dedication of seafarers. From the tradition, the residents of Lopar are particularly proud of the Lopar mascaraed, where for the past 150 years the locals parade, dance and sing under a specific mask.

The rich gastronomic and enological offer is another valuable thing that locals are proud of. Dishes prepared according to traditional recipes will satisfy the taste of all the flavors!

Rich gastronomic and enological offer is another valuable thing that locals are proud of. Homemade dishes prepared in a traditional way by the old recipes and a glass of wine on the restaurant terraces, bistros and taverns will completely satisfy the palate of different tastes.

When it comes to sports and entertainment, in Lopar you will find plenty of content – from water sports (jet skiing, parasailing, sailing, kayaking, boat rentals, paddle boats), tennis courts, basketball courts, soccer field, mini golf, biking, trekking, beach volleyball, scuba diving and a recreational center with table tennis, billiards, trampoline, various video games and the like.

Visit Lopar, have fun, relax and enjoy the natural beauties of this island!


The island of Rab with the neighboring islands makes the Rab archipelago, which is located in the Kvarner area with highly favorable geographical, climatic and tourist area. The summers that are not too hot and the winters that are not too cold make this island an ideal place for living throughout the year. Rich flora and fauna, lots of green areas, beautiful and clean blue sea and 2417 sunny hours are just some of the reasons why you should visit this beautiful and happy island (Felix Arba).

The people of Rab are mostly involved in tourism, fishing and agriculture. Various natural wealth, rich history and cultural and historical heritage are the base of the tourist activity, which is the main commercial activity of the city with a tradition that is 130 years old.

Various natural resources, rich in history, culture and history are the basis for tourism, which is the main economic activity of the city with a tradition of over 130 years!

The southernmost village of the island is Barbat, who welcomes you as soon as you get off the ferry. Along the Barbat Channel there are many beautiful beaches, dry and ACI marina’s, as well as rich cultural and historical heritage with the remains of former buildings (St. Damian church and the remains of the city walls near the Perčinić hamlet). Further down is Banjol with its three sand beaches name Padova and coastal promenade that connects this are with the old town center (just a few minutes walk). Palit is the newest resort neighborhood on the island and is located near the business center of Rab and is known for its boardwalk and Škver bath resort.

Kampor, village that has best preserved the appearance of an old fishing village known for its Dundo reservation of vegetation and holiday resort Suha Punta. Mundanije are the perfect place for nature lovers and an active vacation with a rich gastronomic offer, only a few kilometers from the city. Driving through Mundanije will lead you to Supetarska Draga, which has the most fertile field on the island and is famous for the oldest church on the island, where the faithful and devotees of art will be able to enjoy. The farthest village from the center of Rab is Lopar, sandy paradise with 22 beautiful sand beaches.